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Google Maps is one more valuable service delivered by Google for online business. Why? Because it offers extremely accurate navigation in couple of seconds and several clicks. Even if your business is situated in the most unpleasant city district with complicated navigation and absence of public transport – add your building to Google Maps – provide an accurate description, working hours and other info – and you will see how sustainable flow of clients appears. Well, there may be no flow, but you cannot argue that using Google Maps even in a such a primitive way provides numerous advantages.

However, if you decide to use all available Google Maps features for your business good – make sure you got a Google Maps plugin as it allows to use much more tools to lead your client to your place.

website map examples

First of all, let’s sum up advantages your business gets when you use Google Maps:
easy navigation – your client gets a route (or several routes) from his current location to your business
reputability – although, it is very easy to add your business to Google Maps your clients may not know about it – and if they see your business on a map they already feel confident about contacting as your business is surely real
first impression – you get a chance to make a pleasant first impression by catchy description and info about your business when user sees your marker on a map
availability – your clients see your working hours – thus they can either arrange a meeting or plan their day to meet you up
more traffic from local clients – if your potential client sees your service on a map and you are closest to his current location he becomes your real client.

Map template
sample 1 -Map

features of map sample 1

  1. full size - with accurate information
  2. It Builds Trust With Your Customers.
  3. It Helps With the Research Process. 
  4. It Creates a Better Connection.
  5. Better Access to Your Target Audience. 
  6. It Helps Customers Make Informed Decisions. 
  7. Passive Marketing.
  8. It's a Convenient and Comfortable Experience.

Map template
sample 2 -Map

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