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The World's most powerful CMS, technical skillset to develop from scratch and trusted process to build high-performing websites

A perfect CMS for your Website

WordPress was invented for bloggers. However, it evolved and became a robust website development tool and CMS. What's impressive about WordPress is its flexibility to develop any Website and easy-to-use interface.
World's largest used Platform

WordPress supports 37% of the entire World's Websites, which is the largest number. Many companies, bloggers, and small businesses are using it for their websites.

Easy for marketers to use

The marketer's job is to maintain an existing website by adding/updating content, publishing new blogs. WordPress makes it super-easy to manage the site without any detailed technical knowledge.

Huge Community Support

Because of its popularity, many people contribute to the success of the platform. There are tons of blogs, articles, and videos to solve your problem if you are stuck anywhere.

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benefit-WordPress Development Company

With more than 8 years of experience in the web development industry, Salt Technologies offers process-driven WordPress development worldwide.

Features to manage your website and grow online

With the WordPress website, you can set up your online presence, market it with a broader audience, and manage the content to engage website visitors. Our development team includes functions and tools to make it happen.

Easily update your website in the future

With WordPress, content management has become the easy part for everyone, especially for those who don't have a technical background. We make arrangements for content and image edits so that you can change them anytime, anywhere.

Increase leads from your website

From user experience to optimization, our processes are developed to keep your visitors engaged on your website. We give attention to details such as button text, positions, inquiry forms' places, etc., to ensure your user gets involved with your site and end up giving you a lead.

Get found on Google

SEO is important for all businesses and we make sure your website is SEO ready. Also, all necessary provisions are available to perform regular content updates and keyword adjustments on your own.

Technologies that help you succeed online

We learned that electing the right set of tools is essential from the customer's perspective. We have researched and come up with tools and technologies which are helpful for your website. They are easy to use and widely accepted.

AWS Secured Hosting
World's most famous name in cloud technologies. Our cloud server is optimized and secured so that your data remain safe and your site is accessible to your visitors 24/7.

WP Fastest Cache

When the website's pressure increases, the server starts utilizing the maximum of the server's resources. Caching reduces the server's load and improves page loading time.

Yoast SEO

SEO rules should be followed on your website to perform better than the competition. Yoast SEO does the same for you. It notifies you of all the errors and positive activities you have done so far.


Our aim to make your life easy when you manage your website's pages. Elementor page builders solve many of these issues. It is an easy-to-use visual page builder.


    I am new to WordPress. Can I update my website easily?
    Yes, it will be. We keep content updates as simple and easy as we can. We use a page builder called Elementor that has a visual user interface. Also, a tutorial document and videos help you doing these edits.

    What about post production support?
    Once the Website is complete and delivered to you, you will get a link to the support portal. Whenever any issue comes, you can submit a ticket. We will get in touch with you based on the issue's severity. Apart from this, we have a Website Care service where we maintain and manage your Website.

    Can you convert our HTML website into WordPress? And what do you need from us?
    Yes, we can! There is a separate team dedicated to such requirements; We need access to your FTP account of server details to get started with.
    Is WordPress Free? What are other costs associated apart from development costs?
    We provide a self-hosted solution to you, and hence WordPress is free of cost to you. There is a domain, hosting, and email cost associated if you are purchasing it from us. Apart from this, if your website demands any premium plugin, then it will be an extra cost.

    Do you use any other page builder than Elementor ?
    We prefer to use Elementor because it is the most used builder, and most importantly, our team is proficient with this builder. The turn around time is faster compared with others. However, if you have a specific requirement to use any other page builder, we don't mind.
    I already have a hosting, is it mandatory to purchase your server?

    No, we can use your server to host the website. However, we have optimized our server operations to WordPress. If anything goes wrong, we can immediately tackle those issues, which may not happen with your server.

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