E-mail Marketing

Strong and sustainable digital marketing strategy with high ROI. We help you strategize, create, and manage your email campaigns.

Why are emails still successful?

Email Marketing is the primary marketing strategy for many companies. It engages users in the content and pushes them to click on a link. It has proven that customer does make their buying decision on the message given in marketing email.
Message Driven Email Content

We invest time in understanding your customer and define their personas. To make the message more engaging, we suggest changing the tone of your voice and content guidelines

Responsive Emails

Stop sending emails that are being ignored because they are non-responsive. Our developers make sure that every element used in email is mobile-friendly, readable, and easy-going.

Custom Design

We design the email template based on the intent of your campaign. Our developers use our pre-defined set of sections to create a fully customized design for you that suits your brand.

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Benefits of Email Marketing

A simple, introductory email can give significant revenue generation when created using the right content, strategy, and design. Our experts create a balanced blend of these to make your email campaign successful.

Utilize the power of an email

A low-cost sales generation marketing strategy that you can not ignore. Read more about our benefits.

Hands-on experience with leading tools

With the increasing demand for email marketing, many tools can get your job done. We rely on the industry's best ones to get this job done. Our team has experience with Mailchimp, Hubspot, Constant Contact, Sendgrid, etc.

Automate your emails

Stop investing time in sending follow-up emails. We help you set up the automation where you can configure the email sequences based on your need. This technique helps in nurturing the prospect.

Group your customers based on their behaviour

Segmentation can significantly improve click and open rates if you group your customers based on their behavior and patterns.

Why we can be a best fit for your email marketing?

There are service providers for email marketing and related activities. Let's speak about what's unique about us.

We provide a customized solution.

Every customer and their requirement is different, and hence it can not be fit in a template solution. We build campaigns based on the need.

We build landing pages

Landing pages are where your visitors will land up upon clicking a button or link from an email. We build that page according to the need and monetize it.

We have "pay as you go model"

You don't have to pay us anything in advance, or no bulky fixed price is added to your bill. We follow a flexible pay as you go approach.

We manage your email campaign

We take care of your campaign right from the strategy to its monetization. Our dedicated project manager helps you focus on your business.

Frequently Asked Questions
Ask us anything related to e-mail marketing on info@pavaninc7.com.com; someone will get in touch with you.

    How many emails will you be sending every month?

    The frequency of sending an email is decided based on the strategy and the goal you want to achieve. Hence there is no standard rule. However, at the minimum, we should send at least two emails every month.

    Do you also provide a database list in your email marketing services?

    No. We do not provide a database list. Instead, we help you generate a targeted list of customers using a lead generation strategy.

    Will you write an email copy for all the emails?

    We take the raw copy from your team and make it more engaging based on our email campaign's intent..

    How many design options will you provide?
    We will have two design options for each template we create. You also have an option to use the combination of two designs to create third option.

    Does the cost of the email marketing tool included in your service cost?
    No. You will need to pay directly for the tool. Alternatively, we can digest the tool's cost f we are managing your end-to-end campaign on a retainer approach.

    How do I get to know about the progress made?
    We share a regular monthly report with you that has all the details. Plus, the email marketing tool contains all the real-time data to check anytime by logging into the device.

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