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Your domain privacy is our top priority. Naturally, by registering your domain name, other registrars will list all your personal registration details in WHOIS database that is in most cases publicly accessible.


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There are three things that can help you in this situation: Firstly, you can try and look up a different TLD! A name might not be available as but you might find it as or

Secondly, a different combination of phrases might be in order. Find some more keywords that might suit your project. Our domain checker will help you with some suggestions based on the keywords!

Lastly, it might be a good idea to prepare some alternatives. With the massive amount of domain names registered each day, the one you really want might be taken, but the possibilities are endless for new ideas with new TLDs!

Privacy protection is commonly referred to as WHOIS protection. It makes sure that you can’t be found through your domain when using WHOIS.

WHOIS is simply a public database that archives data concerning domain names and registrars. There you can find basic contact details of domain owners.

Both of the TLDs are generic - that’s what they have in common. But the difference is in their uses.

.com - used to stand for “commercial”, but now it’s used pretty much for anything.

.org - is typically used by organizations, as the org is short for organization.

The rules of use for domains are more guidelines, rather than official laws, so you can feel free in experimenting, but remember, that a vastly different TLD might confuse a user.

First of all, a successful web presence requires both of these. If we’re stripping it down to the basics - web hosting is the physical business and a domain name is the address.

To find the actual business and look around at their products you need to get to the physical store. You use an address to do that. A domain name and web hosting cooperate to make that process easy.

Unlike real life and actual addresses, it’s recommended to have the same domain name provider and web hosting provider. Doing this makes troubleshooting way easier and ensures a smoother experience!


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