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Are you looking for a perfect platform where you can earn some handsome money? You are in the right place; here we are discussing the affiliate program newly by the where you can some handy cash amount through by the sales commission.
Before getting in deep about’s sales affiliate program, let’s brush up with some basics about the affiliate program.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Affiliate is one of the marketing techniques where the entire operation carried on performance-basics. To be in simple words, an affiliate program or marketing is a simple process that allows you to earn a commission for promoting other people’s or company’s products. For every sale carried by you will be rewarded as cash from the profit of the respective sale.


Advantages of Using Affiliate

When compared with other marketing techniques and programs, using the affiliate program offers more benefits owing to that many top companies prefer Affiliate as their vital marketing techniques. Here we have listed a few of the benefits offered by the affiliate.

  • Purely Performance Based: Since the affiliate pays upon the sales business owners need not worry about spending a lot. Also, businesses are likely to share a few percentages on the sales carried through affiliate programs.
  • Strengthen Audience Base: In today’s market affiliates are established in almost every product and niches. So just by making a partnership with the existing opportunity, you can able to increase your visitors/audience base significantly. Else simply you can promote your affiliate program with your prolific consumer who spreads your product to more people that will eventually strengthen your audience base.
  • Improves Your Reputation: Since the affiliate runs by making a partnership with the trusted network or bloggers or with reputable websites, your product/companies reputation values grow significantly among the consumers worldwide.
  • Cost-Effective: When compared with all other existing marketing techniques, involving affiliate could be cost-effective and also you can able to witness assured growth of your site’s performance.
  • Boost Site Traffic: The more sites you getting linked through by the affiliate program, your site will witnesses more opportunities where you can convert your users into paid customers. This process eventually increases your opportunity of converting those free users into paid customers. Launches Affiliate Program one of the most known hosting service providers in India is well-known for offering high-quality service for affordable rates. The Noida based company is the leading web solution provider of India, they started to offer web solution from 2007 ever since, they keep growing with good reputation values.
Recently, the company launches an affiliate program that offers high commissions for every sale. Join the affiliate program of and start earning while you sleep.

Earn Money with through Affiliate Program – One of the pioneer when it comes to offering web solutions. In today’s market, is one of the most reliable vendors who offer the best affiliate programs along with allowing people t earn some smart quick cash.
Join through quick and easy sign-up. People around the world are now joining the affiliate program conducted by the reliable web hosting company and earn a bonus amount up to INR 60,000/month.

Commission Rates Offer By

On analyzing the commission rates offered by the companies running the affiliate program in India, the web hosting company offers the highest commission rates under 3 different criteria’s which are listed below for your references.

  1. or the sales 1 to 25 per month, the respective individual can earn Rs. 500 / $8 per sale as the referral commission.
  2. For the sales 25 to 100 per month, the respective individual can earn Rs. 1000 / $15 per sale as the referral commission.
  3. For the sales of more than 100 in a month, the respective individual can earn Rs. 3000 / $45 per sale as the referral commission.

For people who wish to earn some handsome money while sleeping can really make use of this opportunity offered by All you need to have a high traffic website or portal where you can place the banners of with outbound links. For every sale happens through that referral banner placed you will earn a commission.

Features of’s Affiliate Program

Apart from just offering a high commission for every sale,’s affiliate program comes with exciting features that are listed below for your references.

  • No Registration Fee
  • Best Commission
  • Short Withhold Period
  • Easy Payout

How to Get Start?

Well if you planned to join’s affiliate program, just keep in touch with their experts who can help you get starting and to earn. Send all your queries to where one of their experts will respond shortly.

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